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Juzmusic Academy


is accredited by ABRSM (Associated Board of Royal School of Music) as one of their official music examination venues. Since the establishment of Juzmusic Academy in 2006, we have adopted a unique and holistic approach to our music lessons.


These music lessons are individually tailored to students of all ages and abilities, and specific to the learning goals of each student. We have students who have never touched the instrument before, students who want to learn pop music such as those by Taylor Swift, and students who are preparing for music examinations (Grades 1 to Diploma).


At Juzmusic Academy,


we adopt a unique and holistic approach to music education, which includes:

01. An initial interview/ trial lesson and discussion with the assigned teacher before the commencement of lessons (Free)

02. Regular parental updates, including written Bi-annual progress report

03. Option to sit for the ABRSM theory and practical examination

04. Challenging and supportive performing opportunities such as regular recitals and performances which builds confidence and promotes the sharing and appreciation of music

Our Principal

Joey Lye is an established and well-recognized music educator in Singapore. Educated in the USA, she has a Masters and Bachelors degree in Music from the University of Houston, USA.


Lye is also a highly sought-after conductor of many award-winning choirs. She has also been invited to guest speak, conduct master classes and judge many music competitions. Lye is a specialist in piano performance, composition and conducting. She has a reputation of producing top scorers in both the practical and theory ABRSM examinations and her students have won prizes including the ABRSM Hedy King Robinson Award for being amongst the top scorers worldwide. Her talented students are put through a fast track enabling them to reach an advanced level at a very young age.

Through her years of teaching experience, Lye found that many of her new students had acquired wrong techniques. She also found that many young children were weak in or lacked fundamental skills such as sight-reading, aural skills and perfect pitch as these were often mistakenly neglected as being good-to-have but unnecessary abilities. Hence, for her first child, Joey wanted to give him a head start in an early childhood education. However, she was unable to find one that met her requirements. One that builds a strong foundation in notereading, singing, pitch etc. Hence, Lye started her research and studied the various existing early childhood music education methodologies.


Professionally supported by several early childhood educationists, Juzmusic Academy eventually came up with its own unique early childhood music program. Available for newborn babies and above, the program consists of 3 courses Junior Discovery, Junior Playtime and Junior Musician. Juzmusic Academy’s program was specifically designed as a structured music education program, not unlike what an older child, youth or adult would learn. The difference being the use of a pedagogical approach suitable for very young children. In particular, the key elements are made simple, interesting and fun through musical games, use of flashcards and charts, activities and dances, and a lot of visuals and recordings.

Joey Lye is also an expert in the teachings of the Suzuki Method. She is Suzuki method trained and certified in USA in Suzuki Piano and Suzuki Early Childhood Education in USA and Australia. Joey Lye was part of the organising committee of the “Singapore International Strings Conference” organised in conjunction with the NUS YST Conservatory. Lye has also been invited to be in the panel of experts at skoolopedia.com, where she gives expert advice to parents in the area of music education. She was also one of the judging panel in the ‘Drums off 2017″ competition.

Our Achievement


Award winning Music School

– voted by Sassymama, theAsianparents, Tallypress, Honey Kids Asia, Focus Singapore, littlestepsasia.com, threebestrated.sg as the “Best Music School inSingapore “, “Best Piano School in Singapore”, “Best Classes for babies in Singapore.”


These place us as one of Singapore’s leading Music School.