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by Milton Goh

baby class 1        baby class 2


Baby @maelethsarah has attended her fourth class at @juzmusicacademy at Parkway Centre, and we noticed visible improvements in her again as compared to last lesson! 👏

Maeleth allowed her music teacher Ms. Loh to hold her hand to guide her in playing the xylophone, picked up the egg-shaped maracas from the egg tray that was offered by Ms.Loh, and she enjoyed the book reading segment as always, actively participating in opening the flaps of the book to reveal the hidden animals!

Mae also interacted with her classmate “Yanni” and was trying to touch her arm and face but the way she did it could be gentler (we’ll work on that! 😂 ). These classes are great opportunities for Mae to develp her social interaction skills as she is mostly at thome without any peers to interact with.

We are happy with Mae’s progress in class. With every single class, there is visible improvement! 👍👍👍

Thank for the wonderful experience, Juzmusic! 😄

My son has been studying in Juzmusic for years and looking at my child’s progress, I would definitely recommend the school to my friends or to any parent who is looking for a perfect music school for their child. – Mr. Chan (parent) Teacher Catherine is a wonderful teacher. She is very patient. My daughter is comfortable with her. I am very glad that she is Bena’s teacher. The school is well organized. All the teachers and staff are friendly. – Mdm. Hanako Ishiguro (parent) I learn a variety of pieces. It is well-paced and planned out. Ms. Lye gives good feedback and builds on my weaknesses. I feel like there is improvement every time. The school has good teachers and gives individual attention to each student. – Mitali Kothari (student)


Classes are always challenging and fun as there is always something to look forward to. My teacher is very encouraging and patient. She is very dedicated and loves what she does. The school is encouraging and provides opportunities for students to participate in recitals and concerts. – Lai Ann (student) Teacher Juraimi is always enthusiastic and that undoubtedly rubs onto the child. I appreciate the fact that he works closely with parents to understand the child’s strengths and aspirations to better steer the child towards success. – Clarence Chan (student) Classes are very fun and enjoyable, I enjoy coming for my lessons! I Like my teacher! She is very friendly and cheerful all the time. The school provides a really nice environment for learning music. – Yew Huixin, Charlotte (student) Ms. Loh is a very dedicated teacher who possesses the patience and that “special touch” to be able to connect with her young students, making things easy for them to understand and maintain their interest. The recitals are useful to build the children’s confidence. – Mdm Tracy Thia (parent) Pace for exam is excellent, never too rushed or relaxed. Classrooms are cosy and well equipped. Teacher Ermina is helpful and always encouraging and kind. School has very helpful admin staff. Juzmusic also provides specialized Aural lessons for exams. – Lua Aun Wee (parent) It is in Juzmusic where my son has learned to enjoy his music lessons. The good thing about Juzmusic is that they don’t just teach but they impart the love of music which made my son improved tremendously. – Mrs. De Guzman (parent) I’ve always loved playing the Cello. There is a distinct joy that I always find whenever I am playing with it. That is why I am very thankful with Juzmusic Academy, for furthering my skills and techniques with the instrument that I really think highly of. – Ms. Tomoko Ami (student) Iris is enjoying her Violin lessons so much that I don’t have to push her to practice with her pieces. – Mrs. Mackenzie (parent) Teacher Marj is an excellent teacher. Laura is a very selective student but Teacher Marj makes her feel very comfortable. Great school! – Audra Troth (parent) My daughters are in their good hands. – Mrs. Tang (parent)