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Give it a Go- June Holiday Camp


Our June Holiday Camp is back, and better than ever!  This time we are presenting a program of Music, Art and Dance, and we will be partnering dance school, Dance Trilogy.

Join us and plunge into fun-filled activities at Give it a Go – June holiday camp.  We will be hosting multi-day programmes that will surely jump–start every participant’s interest towards the arts, be it music, dance, art, and whether they are beginners, advanced, or with no musical background at all!

For Music program- Students get to explore a variety of instruments, and get hands-on experience on the basics of how to properly hold and play it. Instruments include Piano, Violin, Ukulele and Drums.

For the Dance program-students get to try 3 dance genres- ballet, tap and jazz.

For the Art program- using oil pastel and poster colors, students will create works of art which includes hat making, painting in calligraphic form, collage painting and more.

Venue- Juzmusic Academy @ Parkway Centre