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The early childhood music curriculum in Juzmusic Academy is based on an extensive survey of research related to the development of music cognition in babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. The goals are to excite, enrich and enjoy music in a fun and engaging way.  Our activities are designed in an imaginative and progressive manner so as to stimulate the minds of young children. As children learn to speak before they learn to write, we present our music classes in the same way.

The early childhood music curriculum in Juzmusic Academy uses a multi-sensory approach which involves singing, playing, moving, listening and watching. Our young musicians are gradually exposed and trained in the areas of performance, theory, aural (i.e. ear training), singing, composition etc. These skills prepare them with a strong foundation for formal music education (e.g. piano, violin etc).

At Juzmusic Academy, we aim to instil confidence in these babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers to experiment, improvise and create their own music. This confidence will then lend itself as they grow and be applicable in their other areas of development and growth.

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