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Junior Discovery for new borns began today

This programme for newborns to four-year-olds is based on Dr Suzuki’s idea of providing “total human education” through music. Nursery rhymes and chants are used as a stimulus for movement, singing and percussion playing. Parents are encouraged to observe and respond to their children as they develop new skills in an un-pressured and stimulating learning environment.

Classes not only prepare children to learn an instrument, but also develop a foundation for all learning experiences. Children gain social and musical skills and good abilities in co- ordination, memory, concentration, language, creativity, self-confidence and physical grace.

Two teachers lead the classes to ensure maximum flow, energy and good pacing of the class routine. Having two teachers enables one to take the activity and the other to observe the needs of the children and parents. Our teachers are well-trained, with a long-term perspective of each child’s musical potential.

Each session is 45 minutes and parents/guardian are to come into the class and share their children’s joy of learning every session.

If your child is between 0-6 months old, he/she can attend our Junior Discovery F.O.C!!

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